Where Imagination & Technology

Come Together to Create Your Content

Vi Marketing is a marketing and design company that utilizes talent from the industry’s top Strategists, Writers, Designers, and Specialists. We focus on digital marketing strategies that help brands build a stronger presence. Our expertise includes branding, web design, motion graphics, strategy, photography, and traditional marketing.


At Vi Marketing, we combine imagination and technology to drive results. We provide a balanced approach to professional marketing services, where left-brain and right-brain individuals come together to create content in harmony. Our team is committed to maintaining ambitiously high standards for ourselves and your content. 

Vi Marketing focuses on being partners with your company and driving results; we understand that content is only one piece of the puzzle.


We have created a strategy that is dependable and has proven to be efficient. We want to get to know your brand, industry, short and long term goals, and the individuals that our team will be working with. 

Transparency is extremely significant to us. We know what works for one company will not work for everyone; that marketing and design are constantly evolving. Our team will be straightforward about which strategies will work best for your brand or if your company is missing something that we are not able to provide. 


By understanding your specific needs, goals, and target audience, we are able to implement a strategy and high quality content that will be custom for you.